Xtreme Makeovers

Introduced in the last couple of years, these have been a huge success.

We’ll explain the pirate theme, but they all basically work the same way.

For a pirate makeover, we provide two face painters, 150 sets of eye patches, bandanas and tattoos. We also bring the 2 metre banner stand pictured below. That’s enough add ons for a three hour session. Kids don’t only get their face painted, they get a full set of accessories as well.

In everything we’ve ever done, without doubt the best feedback we get from parents is for this activity.

Double the Pirate theme up along with the Princess theme, making a Pirate and Princess day. We also have all the themes shown below, and can even look at bespoke themes for individual events.

Other makeovers include: Outrigger Island, Clown, Flower Power, Wild West, Wizard, Witch, Vampire…

Below shows the quality of our banner stands for these makeovers… Please note, these stands are not
suitable for outside events but we do have outdoor banners for some of these makeovers, just ask us for more info.

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