Cartoon Characters

Since we introduced quality cartoon characters to the Northern Ireland market, they have been one of our most popular activities. We now have over 50 characters in our collection and we increase it regularly.

There are two types of characters – standard characters like those shown below – and look-alike characters. Standard characters are generic characters which are usually specific to us. We provide these characters with a performer inside them and a minder with them to look after the character and to hand out leaflets, sweets and so on.

Look-alike characters bear a striking resemblance to well known cartoon characters. Think of them as a tribute show, similar to an Elvis impersonator. You can see those characters HERE.

All characters work 45 minutes in each hour they are booked. For alternative walkabout characters, see
Wall-flowers and Ride-ons.

(There really is a huge difference in cartoon character quality from company to company. Please click this link for a comparison of mascot quality).

Click on a thumbnail below for a larger image (there are 4 different pages of pictures below).


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