How we are Different

First of all, a sincere thanks for visiting our website. We appreciate it.

Whether you are a small store owner, a large company or a local Council, we believe we have some unique features about our company which make us the perfect choice for your entertainment provider.

We were founded in 1994 and have been a small family owned business ever since. We strongly value the reputation that we have built up over those years and we believe we have some of the very best young people working for us. That’s one of the reasons we still count over 90% of our 1994 clients in our current client list.

We consider reliability to be our strongest asset. We are way more interested in building long term working relationships than doing a hit and run. Northern Ireland’s a big village and word travels fast.

Also, we are a group of people who believe in the value of children. You won’t find our staff smoking around children (not even on our breaks). And our staff don’t do kids parties by day and do “pimp my party” at night. Amazingly, some of our competitors do. So you can be sure that your customers interaction with us is as you would like it to be.

If you book one of our acts for your event you can have free posters to advertise the event in advance (no matter how small the booking), just to make your job a little easier. And for all inside jobs we bring large, bright banner stands to make the activity stand out.

Please have a good look around the website and if you have any questions, we answer emails very quickly! Go to the second section down (the “Types of Client”) for some pointers towards running certain types of event.

Again, thanks for visiting, and we look forward to working with you.


Trevor King
Owner, Friendly Faces


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